New updates and improvements to 1Brand.

  1. Apr 16, 2021

    We've received a lot of feedback on experience improvements, and in this release we've delivered on many of those items.

    Preview and Publishing Improvements

    We added a loading state animation when generating guidelines so we don't briefly show a 404 when the guideline preview loads.

    We added a loading state on the publishing modal when trying different logos and colors.

    Client Portal

    We updated copy in the client portal to clarify the actions you can take to manage clients.

    Bug Fixes

    We resolved a bug that sometimes made brand scraping occasionally fail.

    We resolved an issue that would intermittently make the the forgot password modal not respond.

    We eliminated a bug that caused an error message when an agency upgrades a client to Pro.

    We removed potentially confusing text on the fonts page to clarify that font uploads aren't yet supported, and updated tooltip text.

    We resolved bug that was preventing users from deleting colors.

    We resolved a bug the caused delays updating the scraped brand details.

    We resolved bug that caused scrape page to not show loading state or completed state.

  2. Apr 3, 2021

    Agency Accounts

    New Feature

    Agency Accounts

    Agencies have a 1Brand account they can use to manage all of their client's brands.

    Tela AndrewsJan 26
    Already shipped


    New Product: Agency Accounts

    We've just released one of our biggest updates to 1Brand. Agency accounts makes it easy to manage all your clients' brands. You also get an unlimited number of basic clients to use for prospecting or for smaller clients. Agency accounts come with unlimited team members, so your whole team can always help clients with their brand.

  3. Mar 31, 2021


    We built 1Brand to democratize branding. In this post we talk about what that really means to us, and the positive impact that we want to create with brand.

    Why We Built 1Brand

  4. Mar 29, 2021

    The first half of April, 2021 are going to be really exciting! We have a couple public launches planned, and new features. We'll be announcing all our new features here, and sharing release notes and detailed docs to help you use them.